Dâng Hiến Online

1/ Dâng hiến theo tấm lòng, không có tinh thần miễn cưỡng vì bị ép buộc bởi một tác động nào đó từ bên ngoài. Phải biết rằng Đức Chúa Trời nhìn thấy tấm lòng của người dâng hiến, Chúa chấp nhận của dâng hiến cách vui lòng. “Mỗi người nên quyên góp theo lòng mình đã định, không miễn cưỡng hoặc do ép buộc, vì Đức Chúa Trời yêu mến người dâng hiến một cách vui lòng.” (II Cô- rinh-tô 9:7)

2/ Dâng hiến theo khả năng mình có: “Nếu một người sẵn lòng dâng thì của dâng sẽ được chấp nhận, dựa trên điều họ có, chứ không dựa trên điều họ không có.” (II Cô-rinh-tô 8:12)

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One thought on “Dâng Hiến Online

  1. My friend R. and I desperately need prayer with fasting for spiritual healing: she’s stripping online.

    I went on a 5 day water only fast for her in November, she did better for a while, but seems worse than before. She has professed Christ before, but I wonder at times if she is actually a Christian, or was just saying the words, while lacking the personal relationship with the Lord. She is completely enslaved by sexual sin, lust for money, power, and control; and love of pleasure. And she is full of hatred towards me since I have opposed her doing this. Honestly, I think she may need to learn the discipline of the Lord, and suffer leanness, so that she is able to more fully appreciate the blessings in her life; and be able to know that there is evidence she truly is a child of God, and is disciplined by the Father, and not illegitimate.

    Please pray God binds up the enemy, the demons influencing/oppressing her, stops the blood money going to her, eradicates the enemy’s lies from her life, especially the lyric lies of the perverse music she listens to and the tv and movies she watches, and ends her influence for evil over those who go to see her and theirs over her; that the Lord looses her tongue to speak the truth, to confess and repudiate her sin; gives her the heart, will, mind, soul, desire, every aspect of her entire being to love God, His word & church; gives her a love for sexual purity and holy living; He disciplines her as His child, evidencing her relationship with Him as His daughter; He gives her a broken and contrite spirit which is submissive to the Lord and His will; that she forsakes all sin, that He cleanses every part of her being with the blood and the word, breaks the hatred, the rebellion, and sexual sin; and that He gives her a sexually pure and holy life, and that she feeds upon and studies the word each and every day. And also that I am focused, balanced, and where I should be in all of this, and able to pray with fasting as I should, and that she accepts the discipline of the Lord gracefully, and especially that the Lord eradicate every root of sin in her life.

    Please help us. I know God is sovereign and His plans cannot be thwarted. Please, pray. I’ve been waging this battle for over 3 years, and have lifted her name to the Father 1000s of times regarding all aspects of her life. This has taken a tremendous toll on me. God has already won the war, but I’ve lost some of the battles along the way, and it hurts.

    Thank you and God bless you for faithfully bringing this before the Lord.

    James 5:13-20 Matt 17:21 Isaiah 58:6,7

    If you would share this need in an appropriate way with those who are faithful to pray, it would be greatly appreciated.

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